Beat the heat deets

Come on up to Prescott August 25th - 27th 2017 and join us for some dance fun!
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Evening Performance

Free and open to the public – show starts at 7pm on Saturday August 26th in the Holiday Courtyard on Whiskey Row

About beat the heat

We are a community based belly dance event that has an emphasis on a casual fun atmosphere.
Challenge Yourself and Connect with Other Talented Dancers

Beat the Heat Bellydance Festival combines classes and performance with elements of games, creativity, and community sharing....think Bellydance Festival meets Burning Man meets Girl Scout Camp.  All levels of dancers are welcome with open arms.

You will be provided with very low cost opportunities to expand your belly skills through a diverse selection of workshops offered by amazing teachers.  After class, bedazzle yourself with sparkly things from our creative vendors.  Dance under the stars Friday and Saturday during our evening events, right in the heart of Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott.

Most importantly, Beat the Heat is an event that focuses on connecting with others from your extended dance community.  Our unique activities like Bellyshare, Belly Games, and Secret Sisters were created specially to give you the warm fuzzy connections you get from summer camp!  Please join the fun, we can’t wait to see you there.

  • for Prescott at end of August

  • cost of All seven workshops in US$

  • coming together from this % of the state

  • it better be a good one to miss this fun event!

Workshops Offering

Workshop Registration is now open!

Skirt & Fan Fusion

With DC Tribal (Divine Chaos Tribal Fusion)
Sat 9:00-10:00
Workshop Information
In this class we combine our two most favorite and signature props into Skirt Fan Fusion, focusing on skirt technique and the grace of fan!

Egyptian Cabaret with a side of Sass

With Melisula from Gilbert
Sat 10:15-11:15
Workshop Information
In this workshop we will explore modern Egyptian stylings in the form of short combinations. Shimmies, turns, kicks, level changes, and layering can be expected.


With six teachers each teaching a short combo in 10 mins
Sat 11:30-1:00
Workshop Information
This fast paced fun sharing session will feature 6 mini vignettes. Picture this… one teacher/troupe takes the stage and teaches you their new favorite combo. Then the next and so on (times six). Walk away with a group of short accents from your dance sisters that will expand all of our repertoires.

Latin Fusion Bellydance

With Annette Morrison from Flagstaff
Sat 1:15-2:15
Workshop Information
Find your sassy fire with this Latin Fusion Bellydance workshop! We’ll combine the fancy footwork of Latin dance with powerful isolations of bellydance, creating dynamic combinations that work the whole body. Caliente! Caliente! Caliente!

Multi-layered Tribal Combo Salad (featuring cued combos)

With Tierza Jacobs from Sedona
Sat 2:30-3:30
Workshop Information
Come join Tierza in a fun and sassy hours worth of slow and fast Bellydance Fusion combos GUARANTEED to take your skills to the next level! You will learn the saucy slow snake like movements that will captivate your audience as well as the quick multi-layered intricacies that make this art form highly sought after.

Hands, Arms….. and Extra Body Parts

With Rajani from Safford
Sun 10:00-11:00
Workshop Information
We drill our hips and drill combinations. Most dancers use the arms/hands merely to frame these beautiful moves. Now is the time to focus on arms and hands. Learn arm/hand combos to captivate your audience. Keep the audience mesmerized expressing all emotions, all with a single wave of the hand, or placement of the arms.

Belly Crunk to Cramp your Cabaret Funk

With Diosa! Publisher of Shimmey Magazine.
Sun 11:15-12:15
Workshop Information
In a Cabaret funk? Maybe you just need to change up your usual style? Then join Diosa in a one-hour Belly Crunk workshop that will get you tapping into that crunk beat hiding deep within your inner groove.

Holy heavenly henna!

With last year’s Queen of the Heat!
Yvonne Christina, and Olivia Guerrero Morris from Sedona
Saturday During the Event
More Information
Olivia loves traditional henna designs, while Yvonne specializes in spiritual based designs for yoga and Oriental arts. (Chinese 5 elements, oriental dance, Tai Chi, etc.) Yvonne was Queen of Beat the Heat last year, and she is excited to bring her unique twist of creativity back to this event.

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